Susanna Rumiz | Illustrator & Mentor

I help freelance artists get rid of self-doubt and make the money they want doing the job they love!

Have you ever woken up with the anxiety of not knowing where your next paycheck will come from?

I've been there. It's the worst feeling ever.

Wouldn't it be cool to be in control of your life and career and make the money you want doing your dream job?

Is it just an impossible dream?
No. It's what you can have when you get rid of self-doubt and make a plan to reach your goals!


It's not because of your portfolio.

It's because as soon as you start reaching out to clients, you slam into a wall of insecurity.

That wall is the result of past failures. Every time we do something and fail, a new brick of self-doubt pops up, strengthening the wall.

We built it as a defense against failure.
It keeps us safe but also stuck.

Growing your career forces you to face that emotional wall. But fighting insecurity and, at the same time, sending out your portfolio and facing failure is exhausting!
To take your creative career to the next level, you need to take care of the emotional stuff first.


In 2019, I was riddled with anxiety and just about making 18k a year. Fast forward to 2020 and I'm free of my anxiety and bringing in a whopping 40k.

Over doubling my income in the middle of a global pandemic and without an agent. How did I do it?

As soon as I understood that what was holding me back was NOT a lack of skills but my insecurity, I took control of my mindset and changed my life forever.

Once anxiety was out of my way, I was free to access my creativity and curiosity.

Without the fear of failure, I started seeing possibilities all around me.

I took full responsibility for my negative emotions and changed my attitude by giving myself permission to be a professional illustrator.
Not the starving artist I was used to identifying as.

At that point, everything became possible. I'd love to give everyone a chance to feel that way and achieve the same results!


It's a 4-week courseYou'll get the tools for managing all the negative self-talk that keeps you stuck. 

• Each Monday, you'll get a video lesson and practical exercises. The assignments won't take you more than 5 minutes a day.
• Each Thursday, we'll meet live on a group call where I'll help you through the process and answer any questions on the weekly topic.

I'll be there with you every step of the way for the entire month. You'll have a community of like-minded artists to keep you motivated and cheer you on.

You will have more energy and be in control of your life and career. Making a living and loving every minute of it!

  Enrollment will open again  
 on January 2023  

In the meantime, join the free community where you can find the support of a group of freelance artists focused on leveling up their careers! 

I set it up because I wanted a place less overwhelming than social media where everyone could feel safe and supported in sharing their goals and thoughts. 

I'll be there sharing my day-to-day experience, and I can't wait to hear from you! 


I get it. Nobody ever told us how to manage negative emotions.
Growing up, no one gave us the tools to understand what goes on in our brains.

No wonder we spend our adult lives running away from anxiety, thinking there's something wrong with us. There's nothing wrong with us!

Anyone can learn these tools and they will create massive changes in your life.
Because what's the alternative? Waking up with anxiety for the rest of your life? No, thanks! :)


"I definitely feel it was worth investing in her mentorship! I loved talking to Susanna, getting to understand the way she approaches challenges, sets goals, and lots of other small tips and tricks that I will incorporate in my career. 
I now feel more at ease about approaching clients and feel I can do many things I felt I couldn't do on my own." _Juanita Londoño

"Susanna made me realize how I self-sabotage myself without even noticing! Now I have a clear idea of what self-promotion is about and how I can implement it into my schedule without spending too much time on it."
_Judit Zengővári

"Mi sono iscritta al programma di mentoring con Susanna perchè ero totalmente bloccata dai dubbi sulla mia capacità di trovare nuovi clienti, dai pensieri autodistruttivi, dalla paura del fallimento e di lanciarmi in cose nuove. Grazie ai suoi esercizi ho degli strumenti pratici da usare quando comincio a dubitare del percorso o quando i pensieri diventano confusi. Una cosa che ho apprezzato particolarmente è che con Susanna parlare di guadagni e tariffe non è un taboo."_Claudia Petrazzi

"This mentoring program is just what I needed to quiet down my inner critic and make a plan that's achievable and gets me the results I want. I'd recommend it to any creative person who needs a bit of guidance to get out of their own way."_Ana Stretcu

"I just made the jump into freelancing. While I was already making steps into reaching out to possible clients on my own, Susanna helped me understand how to target these clients specifically. She helped me set up a schedule for contacting people and creating personal work. She helped me a lot with trusting I am doing the right thing. She was very motivating and just so nice and willing to help! I loved all of our sessions!"_Júlia Mota Albuquerque

"Già da i primi giorni mi sono sentita molto più sicura di me, positiva e curiosa rispetto al futuro. Il corso è stato davvero interessantissimo, sto già sperimentando i nuovi metodi appresi per gestire la mia ansia quotidiana!"
Francesca Di Vito

"The skills that you learn in this course are sure to become such an important foundation for navigating your career and even day-to-day life. Using the methods I have learnt from the course, I find that I am not controlled by my emotions so much and that I can look at things more objectively rather than personally." Jess Jenkins


Hi, I'm Susanna, a freelance illustrator & mentor based in Italy.

I've been working in the creative industry for the past 10 years, creating illustrations for children's books, games, magazines, and motion graphics.

Since 2021 I help freelance artists get rid of
self-doubt and grow their careers to the next level!

If you have any questions about the mentorship, write me an email at: [email protected]

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